Time is our favourite tool – a new opportunity to reconnect with our homes

The image in our Instagram post features Grey Gables – Ambridge’s country house hotel. Congratulations if you guessed it correctly.  

There is no escaping it – our world has turned upside down.  Even the Archers will be having its first coronavirus-related storyline in early May.  While producers generally want to allow listeners to be able ‘to go to Ambridge in the usual way’ the coronavirus outbreak is a story that no one can ignore. 

And nor can we. We hope that you are safe and well during these difficult times and our thoughts go out to all families and communities directly touched and hurt by this virus.   

To keep our team of makers safe, we have adapted very quickly to this situation and, for now. we have closed the workshop.  Our designers – from concept design through to detailed design and production engineering, however, can still work remotely.  So, in this respect we are very much open for business.  We welcome the opportunity to talk through projects and dreams with our clients and their architects and interior designers – past, present and future.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch – either by email newprojects@artichoke.co.uk or give Andrew Petherick a call on 01934 745281. 

The brave new world is a test in so many ways – but also an opportunity to reconnect with our homes – a space where most of us, when things are normal, lament the lack of time spent there.  And suddenly, for those of us not on the front line and who are following advice to stay at home, time is what we have.  Time to consider what we like about our house and how we live in it.  Time has always been our favourite tool. We’d love to help inspire and guide you if we can.  Have a browse round our projects.

With limited access to new stories and content for our social media feeds, we thought we’d take advantage of being close to home.  We’ve enjoyed other designers sharing tours of their own houses, talking through their thinking and indulging in a bit of interior based escapism.  So, over the coming weeks we plan to post a series of short videos – a la through the keyhole – where Bruce Hodgson will talk through the total renovation of his delightful seventeenth century farmhouse and demonstrate how time is our favourite tool.   From its stunning location on a south facing hill with open views to Glastonbury Torit’s a jewel that is lovingly being transformed, with the greatest respect to traditional craftmanship and appropriate period detail, by Bruce and the team.  It’s very much work in progress but provides a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of aArtichoke refurbishment project.  Watch this space.  Stay safe. 

ArtiTime is our favourite tool Grey Gables from The Archers

For those whom the much-loved realm of Borsetshire forms part of your internal landscapeyou can explore more iconic locations from the comfort of your armchair by visiting this link




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